• Assistance from a veterinary technician or veterinary assistant during the diagnostic work-up
  • Use of a room with a table (approximate dimensions of a standard surgery table) 
  • In-house radiography and lab services if needed
  • Sedatives (if required to complete the diagnostic work-up)


  • Consultation
  • Echocardiography
  • ECG
  • Holter monitor placement & interpretation
  • Evaluation of radiographs (new and old)
  • Diagnostic & therapeutic centeses
  • ​Remote case review (submit history, current physical exam findings, ECG and thoracic radiographs and receive a write up with assessment & recommendations)
  • Continued support during follow-up care of the patient 


  • Please email us at LBR@caccvet.comor call us at 1-888-550-8575 to schedule a visit date.
  • The appointment will be confirmed the day before the visit and a morning or afternoon window will be provided.
  • Patients should be dropped off well before the appointment window.
  • All clients must fill out the CACC PATIENT HISTORY FORM.
  • Please discuss the potential need to sedate prior to the examination and advise clients to fast their pets the morning of the visit (unless skipping a meal is medically contraindicated for a given pet).
  • Due to the ever-changing schedule of mobile services, face-to-face appointment scheduling with clients cannot be accommodated.  Our doctors will, however, communicate directly with each pet owner over the phone after completing the diagnostic work-up to relay findings, recommendations and prognosis.
  • ​A complete report will be provided at the end of the examination.
  • After the visit our doctors will provide continued support to the primary care veterinarian to assist in follow-up care of all patients.
  • Price sheets are available upon request (email lbr@caccvet.com). The primary care veterinarian should provide an estimate to the client prior to the appointment.
  • We request that cancellations be made by the end of the business day preceding the appointment. Clients that fail to arrive for their appointment and clients that cancel after we are already en route to the appointment will be charged a $125 cancellation fee to cover the cost of lost time and travel.